Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Home Made Photo Frame

Good morning Ladies,
Welcome to my first May post,
today I've made a photo frame, out of everyday cardboard box.
so lets go

First from any cardboard box you have laying around, cut a frame shape.
Glue the fame to a sheet of pattern paper, from Magnolia Lane Paper Pack 12x12 Inch,
cut a cross through the centre of the frame

Trim back the centre cross, glue back the inner flaps

Glue down the corners, followed by the outer edges

Now from the cardboard, cut a piece to fit over the frame, keeping this one solid for the back of the frame, again cover it in pattern paper, folding all the edges in, cut and place a piece of cardstock over the inner back, just to make it neat

now we are cut a strip of cardboard box and covering it, to make the frame stand, this is glued to centre

To start our flower cluster, cut several Floral Layers Blue Eyed Daisy, Magnolia Frame
Attach the flower layers, spritz with water, and bend each petal to the centre. spritz the leaves and press them into your palm of you hand, this will give them a nice natural look
cut the frame corner to corner, to use as a flourish behind the cluster
Close up of flower cluster

Arrange the flowers once dry, into a cluster on one corner, to suit your style, add a few White - English Roses (1.5cm)), some glitter, and have fun
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Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Day

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