Monday, December 31, 2012

So slack

Well I'm such a slacker, dont get here as often as I'd like.
so heres some catch up,
Have the best holiday in Kenya and Egypt, took way to many photos, now I have to sort through the to find the ones for scrap'n, big jod and a hard one.

Still much to do at the house, it seens to take ages to do things, but it is coming together, and looking good (well I think so), the proof will be in the selling.

Scrapretreats weekend in November was a fun time once again, and can't wait till the next one in June 2013.

Had a great Christmas, was spent with family at my brothers home, there was one down side to Christmas, when I got home on the 26th, was shocked to find there was a house fire right next door, everyone there were OK, and thank god my place was OK, would have been very scarey if I'd been at home with all my trees down the side, so I guess someone was watching over my that day and I thank them, hope everyone had a lovely and less shocking Christmas.

Stay safe and happy in 2013, but most of all enjoy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

On the home front

All is going well with my extensions, due to have retainer wall concreted this weekend, and then need to arrange a cuople of truck loads of clean fill and some gravel, then it's time for the front garden design, Hmmm what to do there, that's it for nowat home.

Scrapretreats is having there November retreat on the 9 to 11,so not long to go for that one best start getting my stuff together or I'll be scrap'n nothing.

Bye for now, stay safe

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Many LO

Well I have so many photos from our Africa and Egypt holiday, once I get them printed the LO should be flowing, cant wait to get them started, but with a retreat to arrange in November it will most likely be after that, will use four pic's from there for the challanges, so stay tune for them.

On the home front, have finished painting the inside of the house, and now started the extentions outside, driveway now widened, backyard almost done, front on the way, cant wait to have this all finished, and on the market.

Catch me later

Monday, July 30, 2012


Not long now

Only 4 days to go, it's starting dont to feel like a dream now, just have all the little things to do now, like clean the fridge, cut the grass, washing, wash car and put away, then sit back and wait for the time to tick over.
Catch me later, will post pic's when I can

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


9 Sleeps to go, but it still feels a little unreal, abit like your dreaming your going, have a big week, baby sitting Jordyn most days this week, so Tracey and Phil have there full attention, on gettint the house painting finished before the dream become real, so my big week, will be next week making sure my place is all cleaned, washing done and away, fridge empty, all that stuff.
Can't wait, will have so many photo when we get back, I'll be scrap'n up a storm, as well as getting back in to the house reno's, hope to get that finished by Christmas, and on the market by the new year.

If I dont get back here, before we leave, still come check, will try to add some photo's while I'm away

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

38 day to go

Yep...... only 38 Days to go, and then we're off to Africa and Egypt, can't wait, thanks heap Tracey for pulling it all together, your great.

Have bag almost packed, some US dollars in the safe, credit card empty ready to fill.

Haven't done much more at the house, and don't think much more will get done till we get back from trip, but plenty of time, theres no rush.

Retreat went well, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and WTG Julie first retreat, and you win one of the challenges, how said you couldnt scrap!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

It's been awhile

Well it's been awhile, how slack do I feel, update on Reno's, all the trees and rubbish gone, 10 tripper loads to the dump and 2 days work (love ya Phil).
New paths out the front and garden edging and small slab, new posts in to hold up BBQ area roof, need these thanks to white ants (little buggers), and soil and plants in behind new edging, big thank you to my brother David, his lovely wife Julie, mum and dad for all your help, and your on going help, because we're only 1/4 done.
Will try to remember to upload some pics.

Have the Scrap Retreats weekend on the 1st - 4th June, should be a great weekend, with great people, great food, loads of fun, and a little drinking, and even some scrapping.
Tracey and myself seem to be very organised for this retreat, just need to get the food, but it's all ordered, we are sure we've forgotten something, but hope not, we still have to pack our scrapping gear and get some photos,
Meeting a mate for breakfast this morning, with Tracey (sister) and them back to her house to do a few more thing for the retreat, and watch her make Miss 2's, 3rd birthday cake, while I sit back with a coffee.

Hope everyone ready this is fine and in good health,
Have a great day