Friday, May 18, 2012

It's been awhile

Well it's been awhile, how slack do I feel, update on Reno's, all the trees and rubbish gone, 10 tripper loads to the dump and 2 days work (love ya Phil).
New paths out the front and garden edging and small slab, new posts in to hold up BBQ area roof, need these thanks to white ants (little buggers), and soil and plants in behind new edging, big thank you to my brother David, his lovely wife Julie, mum and dad for all your help, and your on going help, because we're only 1/4 done.
Will try to remember to upload some pics.

Have the Scrap Retreats weekend on the 1st - 4th June, should be a great weekend, with great people, great food, loads of fun, and a little drinking, and even some scrapping.
Tracey and myself seem to be very organised for this retreat, just need to get the food, but it's all ordered, we are sure we've forgotten something, but hope not, we still have to pack our scrapping gear and get some photos,
Meeting a mate for breakfast this morning, with Tracey (sister) and them back to her house to do a few more thing for the retreat, and watch her make Miss 2's, 3rd birthday cake, while I sit back with a coffee.

Hope everyone ready this is fine and in good health,
Have a great day