Monday, July 30, 2012


Not long now

Only 4 days to go, it's starting dont to feel like a dream now, just have all the little things to do now, like clean the fridge, cut the grass, washing, wash car and put away, then sit back and wait for the time to tick over.
Catch me later, will post pic's when I can

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


9 Sleeps to go, but it still feels a little unreal, abit like your dreaming your going, have a big week, baby sitting Jordyn most days this week, so Tracey and Phil have there full attention, on gettint the house painting finished before the dream become real, so my big week, will be next week making sure my place is all cleaned, washing done and away, fridge empty, all that stuff.
Can't wait, will have so many photo when we get back, I'll be scrap'n up a storm, as well as getting back in to the house reno's, hope to get that finished by Christmas, and on the market by the new year.

If I dont get back here, before we leave, still come check, will try to add some photo's while I'm away