Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hello Again
Today I'm sharing another layout using the lovely,
Couture Creations Secret Graden Collection of  Dies.
So lets go

These are a quick photo of the dies used in the project, less the sign post

Below are 2 different flowers I've made with the same Chevron Bloom Die,
the first one I cut 3 of the flowers, inked the edgse, place a spot of glue in the centres, using the
Turbo Glue Pen, after the glue has dried, spritz with water, scrunch each layer in to the centre, spritz between layers, sit aside to dry, then gently open up your flower as much as you like

2nd flower, cut 3 Chevron Blooms, and 3 each of the Layered Bloom die,
Again glue the layers of Chevron together, spritz, pinch each petal and fold up to the centre, then do the same with the Layered Bloom, top 3 layer, the bottom 3 just squeeze the in, place some glue in the centre of the Chevron, and add the Layered Bloom to the centre

Finished flower, just add some 2mm Gemstone to the middle, and touch the edges with

To make the bordered edge on the layout, I cut the Picket Fance out several times, in 3 different colours, then simply laid them over each other

Finished flower, here I've used the flourish, from the Butterfly Flourish Die Set, behind the flowers along with a favourate form the Everyday Essentials collection Strawberry Leaf

Here I cut one each of the 3 Letterboxes, in shades of purple, and again 3 in back, where I cut the roof of each one, and placed the over the purple Letterboxes, adding a few 2mm Crytal Gemstone, for that touch of bling, I also cut one of the birds from the Chirp Chirp die and add him to one of the Letterboxes 

Using the Layered Buttetfly, in pinks and purple, I've scattered them over my layout, in doubles and singles, to keep the wings up, I use 3d Foan Dots, again for a liitle bling, add 2mm Gemstone to the body of the butterflies

And finally I've place a little Glitzn' Glamour here and there
So when you have all your ellements done, place them on your layout, or card to suit your style
hope you enjoy these, but most of all have fun
Couture Creations Products used
Stay Stay and Enjoy You Day

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Special Memories

Hello Ladies and welcome August
Come with me today on a journey, to Couture Creations Secret Garden Collection, along the way we'll visit with a couple oldies but goodies, Everyday Essentials, Kalini,
and Sercet Treasures collections.
 So off we go

From the Kalini Collection, cut a full set of Gears 1 and Gears 2, from white cardstock, randomly bush on some guesso, allow it to dry, and them spritz with 2 or 3 different inks, this will help them look a little rustic

The Kalini Picket Fence, I cut 2 of these and raised them with small piece of foam tape, and placed it along the front of my photo, also from the Secret Treasures collection, I cut a set of Bird Song die, placing them on the fence and around the gear cluster, topping the birds with DM

Using the 6x6 Hearts Ease paper pad, choose 3 sheets, cutting form each one,
a set of the Kalini Falling Blossom's, Layer each set using the Turbo Glue Pen, once dry, spritz with water and bend or pinch each petal to get 3 different flower from the same die, adding a touch of bling to the centres, with Seaspray Gem stones

Cut 3 of the Everyday Essentials Classic Leaf, spritz with Water, and then press into the palm of your hand, this will give the leaf shape.

use one Kalini Stained Glass Butterfly, and a set of Everyday Essentials Edith and Baby, here I've layered all 3 to create a super butterfly, again using the seaspray gems on the body

From the Secret Garden Collection cut one of the Layered Butterfly,
again adding Seaspray Gems to the body

Also from Secret Garden cut a few Butterfly Flourish, here I've used the butterfly as the dot on my i, the rest are just short cuts of the flourish which I've used with  my flower and gear clusters

Place ellements on your layout to suit you style, and have fun, but most of all enjoy creating

Couture Crewations Products used
CO723522   Secret Treasures   BIRD SONG
CO725255   Kalini  PICKET FANCE
CO724262   Kalini  GEARS 1
CO724261   Kalini GEARS 2
CO721989   Gem Stone  SEASPRAY
CO721965   3d Foam Tape
CO724389   Turbo Glue Pen

Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Day