Saturday, May 2, 2015

Just Because

Morning Ladies
Welcome to my first May project, using Couture Creations
Elegant Card Cuts, Everyday Essentials, Kalini, Amaryllis Collections and Bulk Flowers,

First I took the Cottage Pollen Flower and sprayed it with black spritz, and set it aside to dry

Using the Kalini Falling Blossoms die, I cut one set, glued them together with Turbo Precision Glue Pen, after this was dry, spritzed with water, and pinched the petals one at a time, over and up to the centre, repeating on each set of petals, set asided to dry,
after drying add some Crytal Gemstones to the centre

with the rest of the flowers, I simply pushed them into a soft ink pad, to highlight the tips of each flower, and some I just left white.

Cutting both of the Amaryllis Simones Style dies, this dies set makes lovely faux lace edges

taking the flourish only from Elegant Card Cuts - Mercato Flourish, cut 2 to use as fill, behind your flower spray, also cut a few Everyday Essentials - Strawberry Leaf, added to the spray also

to add that touch of bling we all love, I smiply cut the plastic, from around the
 2mm Crystal Gemstones,and across about half way, gluing the pastic with gemstone on,
 directly to my page

Add a title, and bits and pieces, and your done
have fun, with it
 Couture Creations product used
CO724115  Everyday Essentials - Strawberry Leaf
CO724098  Elegant Card Cuts Collection - Mercato Flourish
CO724309  Amaryllis Collection - Simones Style
CO724251  Kalini Collection - Falling Blossoms
CO724389  Turbo Precision Glue Pen
CO721963  Foam Mounting Tape - 18mm x 4m
CO721965  Double Sided Tape - 18mm x 50m
CO723816  Craft Glue Spots
CO723817  3D Glue Spots 
CO724037  2 Way Glue Pen (35g)
CO724156  2mm Gemstones - Crystal
CO724295  Bulk Flowers - White - Cottage Pollen Flowers
CO724290  Bulk Flowers - White - English Roses  (1.5cm)
CO724289  Bulk Flowers - White - English Roses (2cm)
CO724288  Bulk Flowers - White - English Roses (2.5cm)
CO724297  Bulk Flowers - White - Camden Cottage Roses (3cm)
CO721955  Pointed Non-Stick Scissor
CO721954  LED Precision Tweezer
CO723973  Paper Trimmer
CO721957  15 x 15in Self Healing Cutting Mat
Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Day

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Adriana B said...

fabulous layout, great ideas with the flowers