Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Back

Well we're back from a week at Jibbinbar, was a big week down there, we did a goat round up and sent 130 billies to market, and brought in ablout 380 nannies which were dropping kids everywhere, like from Tuesday to Sunday i would say there were around 130 kids born, and ther so cute.
From the round up we had 5 orphans, which are now at Old Mac Donalds farm.

Those of you how know Skamp, she now has a baby boy of her own named Waggs, Snow has twin boys called Snowball 1 & 2.

Need to get back to it now, catch you all later.


Sarah Lou said...

HI lisa!! glad you are back alright! though rounding up that many goats sounds tiring!!!!!!!

oh ps the pencil case came like that, its from teh french disney land ( mum lives in paris)

Lesa said...

Love it, could use it for so many thngs in scarpping.

And yes need to come back to work for a break