Sunday, April 18, 2010

Above is a link to Print Blocks blog for pics of Creative Block, go check them out.

Well I must say I was sleeping like a baby, after 3 very crazy days at PB, but it was just a FAb event, and so very on the go all time, the classes rooms that Tracey, Tania and Deb were incharge of, were just crazy full on all day every day, and the catering, well all I cant say is, tea, coffee and food never stop.

I'd want to thank Alia heaps and heaps for her 2 days spent with me in the catering tent, I couldnt have done it with you, and Tania for helping me flip the burgers on day 2, and having a great hubby, who saved our burgers when I ran out of lettuce, and Deb for slicing the tomatoes for the bbq on day 2, your help got me over the humps, many thanks to you all.

Oooh and thanks ladies for remembering me and Alia xoxoxoxoxo, to you two.

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Tania said...

No probs.....anytime chicken........